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Canberra Start-Up Engages Young People in Finding Their Purpose

Canberra-based start-up, Futures Collective, hosted their first workshop over the weekend in partnership with GNX Leaders. Engaging over a dozen young people, the workshop entitled Idea to Action in 60 Minutes, focused on values and skills identification and positive steps young people can take to further themselves in creating social impact and positive change on issues about which they are passionate.

Futures Collective founder, Aqeel Camal, facilitated the workshop in partnership with CEO of GNX Leaders, Caterina Sullivan.

“The idea behind Futures Collective revolves around building a community of current and aspiring changemakers so that young people can grow up empowered with a holistic set of skills to act on their passions. It was so great to see all of this come to light and spark the start of something I hope will help open doors to opportunities Canberra’s youth never even knew existed,” Mr Camal stated.

“We need more spaces like this for young people,” Ms Sullivan expressed. “Millennials are a core component of our society and are passionate about creating an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for all. It is important that we give them a platform to create the change that we so desperately need to see in order to realise the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.”

Futures Collective will be running further workshops over the coming months. Mr Camal says he is looking forward to seeing what kind of legacy attendees of these workshops will create.


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