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Deputy Mayor of Perth Gives GG an Eight

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Deputy Mayor James Limnios with Global Goals Australia CEO, Caterina Sullivan

Image credit: Robbie Merritt

Advocacy group, 'Global Goals Australia Campaign' has sent all Australian federal politicians copies of their Global Goals pocket reference guide to the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development to which Australia became a signatory at the United Nations General Assembly last year.

“All candidates in this year’s federal election are going to be asked for their commitment to the Global Goals, so we want to make sure every sitting and intending MP and Senator is completely up to speed with them,” said Global Goals Australia CEO, Caterina Sullivan. “It has been disappointing that the Global Goals have not been an integral part of the political discourse since they were signed by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in September 2015,” she said.

The Global Goals Australia Campaign has activated a website containing in-depth information on the Global Goals and issued a call to all Australians to become involved and active in ensuring the 17 goals are addressed and achieved by their 2030 deadline. According to Caterina Sullivan, there is an unfortunate belief in Australia, at all three levels of government, that the Global Goals relate primarily to developing countries. However, there are areas of the 169 targets for the goals, according to the Global Goals Australia Campaign, where Australia is nowhere near achieving. “Australia cannot sign up for these types of international obligations and then carry on as though they do not apply to us. The future of our planet, our children and our grandchildren are at stake here,” Ms Sullivan said. The Global Goals Australia Campaign is partnering with other international and Australian NGOs to broaden the reach of their campaign.

Deputy Mayor James Limnios with Global Goals Australia CEO, Caterina Sullivan

Image credit: Robbie Merritt

As a Deputy Mayor for the City of Perth. James Limnios (pictured with Caterina Sullivan) is responsible for representing the interests of rate payers, occupiers and stakeholders of the City of Perth for the management and development of the City. His vision is for Perth to be a truly international capital city. Limnios is a well-regarded property expert in Western Australia. He has over 25 years of experience in the WA market. "Many of the Global Goals are my personal goals as well those of the City of Perth," said Limnios whilst talking to Ms Sullivan.

Sullivan went on to say, "While the federal government signed up to the Global Goals last year, this was done on behalf of Australia as a country. The achievement of the goals requires action at a state and local government level as well as a federal level. Over 120 of the 169 targets are applicable at a local government level. There are many councils around the country already working towards the achievement of the Global Goals. Unfortunately, they are not measuring the outcomes of their actions against the Global Goals targets. The City of Perth has a brilliant environmental plan which is actually measured against targets set out by 2030, all very closely aligned with the Global Goals. It is the aim of the Global Goals Australia Campaign to include the wording of the Global Goals in this document."

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