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Elliott Insurance Brokers Releases Sustainability Commitment

Award-winning Perth-based insurance brokerage, Elliott Insurance Brokers, have today released their global sustainability commitment, demonstrating their undertaking to work towards the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our planet and the people who live on it.

This document is the first step in the insurance brokerage's commitment to releasing an annual sustainability report.

"The document tells a story - a story of who we are as a company and of our core values when it comes to sustainability," CEO John Elliott explained. "Ever since the establishment of Elliott Insurance Brokers, we have been committed to creating a better world. It is both empowering and fulfilling to see it written on paper."

Aligning themselves with the United Nations' 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Elliott Insurance Brokers have joined global leaders from government, business and not-for-profits in achieving the world's most detailed and ambitious development agenda yet. Elliott Insurance Brokers' commitment to these goals is evident throughout the sustainability commitment document and through their recent membership of the Global Goals Australia Campaign, being the first insurance company in Australia to become a member.

"We are a leader in our industry when it comes to sustainability," John Elliott explained. "This gives us a great opportunity to work with others in the industry and to lead by example."

Sustainability expert, Caterina Sullivan, has praised Elliott Insurance Brokers on their commitment to sustainability.

"Not enough small businesses are seizing the opportunity which the Global Goals provide - the opportunity to effectively communicate their values and their sustainability commitments and achievements. Elliott Insurance Brokers have demonstrated not only a willingness but an unrelenting determination to make sustainability a modus operandi not only in their business but in many other businesses across Australia and the rest of the world," Ms Sullivan said.

John Elliott says this is just the beginning. "We are continuing to improve our commitment to sustainability. Personally, it is something I'm very passionate about. I am grateful every day that I can lead my company into creating change that our staff, suppliers and customers can see."

Mr Elliott has just returned from a recent trip to Kenya, where he visited two villages which he and his company have been instrumental in building in partnership with the One Heart Foundation. These villages provide support to orphaned children in Kenya, breaking the cycle of poverty. The villages are built to be sustainable in an economic, social and environmental manner. Not only do these villages address the issues of poverty and education through the orphanages but they allow the wider community to develop and grow economically, creating sustainable change for everyone in the vicinity.

"Being able to see the impact of Elliott Insurance Brokers firsthand is an incredible experience. Spending time with these children reminds me how important it is to give back to society and to the environment. A dollar spent with our business is a vote for the end of poverty and the end of injustice and those votes can be seen in the culmination of our work with the One Heart Foundation in Kenya," Mr Elliott said.

Mr Elliott will be working with Caterina Sullivan over the coming months to establish a national data and research network for small to medium sized enterprises in sustainability.

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