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How Can Your Business Achieve Goal 13: Climate Action?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Over the coming weeks, we are celebrating the benefits of the Global Goals in understanding how your business can commit to sustainability. Today, we look at Goal 15: Life On Land.

Goal 15: Life On Land aims to protect and restore our ecosystems with a specific focus on managing forests, combatting desertification, halt land degradation and halting biodiversity loss. A significant number of targets outline in Goal 15 have a deadline of 2020, which is a mere two years away.

While the targets in Goal 15 are especially applicable to the agricultural industry, all businesses can work towards the achievement of this goal. A great way for businesses to become involved in the achievement of Goal 15 is through becoming carbon neutral. A number of organisations around Australia and the rest of the world assist businesses in getting their carbon neutral accreditation. Your business could also organise a staff volunteering day to clean up a protected area in your locality.

Another way of committing to the achievement of Goal 15 is through donating company profits to charities working to protect our environment and the flora and fauna which inhabit it.

If you are interested in other ways in which your business can achieve Goal 15, contact us today!


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