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How Can Your Business Achieve Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Over the coming weeks, we are celebrating the benefits of the Global Goals in understanding how your business can commit to sustainability. Today, we look at Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth aims to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth by providing productive employment in fair working conditions for all.

Goal 8 is incredibly relevant to businesses.

Firstly, a business must look internally to ensure its own economic sustainability. Businesses need to ensure their business model allows for them to continue operating in years to come before making any significant changes to their commitment to social or environmental sustainability.

This can be done through technological upgrading and innovating as well as resource efficiency, which will be touched on further in our discussion of Goal 12.

Secondly, it is essential that businesses provide a safe and equitable place of employment with fair working conditions and a strong focus on diversity and inclusion.

Thirdly, a business must ensure that it is not engaged in any means of forced labour, modern slavery or child labour. This includes through its supply chain as well as any direct engagement in such means of labour.

Of course, if your organisation is particularly passionate about ensuring decent work and economic growth for everyone around the world, you can donate profits towards organisations working to tackle these targets sustainably.

If you are interested in other ways in which your business can achieve Goal 8, contact us today!

This article was originally published on the Strategic Sustainability Consultants website.

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