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How Can Your Business' Commitment to Sustainability Benefit from Hiring a Social Worker?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

When hiring staff, many business executives understand that it is not necessarily about finding the best person for the job - it is about finding the best person for your team as well. Increasing diversity among the knowledge and skills base of your team is essential to ensuring that your organisation is continually growing and developing.

In order to understand the role your organisation plays in the broader community when it comes to social sustainability, an employee with a background in social work can be a remarkable asset to your operations.

Organisations with a strong commitment to social sustainability, including advocating for issues such as good healthcare, improved mental well-being, gender equality, racial inclusion and social diversity, must work quite closely with individual members of the community, including at-risk groups. A social scientist on your team would be able to guide communication and outreach programs with these groups and with the wider community, ensuring that your social sustainability commitments are being met.

You may also find that your day to day operations would benefit from the guidance of a social worker. Whether it be for accounting and financial services, marketing and brand management, sales or any other type of organisation, businesses will often have customers who require certain considerations and understandings which social workers are best equipped to handle.

Social workers are also able to assist in providing feedback about your organisation's workplace culture and structure. A core part of a business' social sustainability commitment is to its employees. Providing fair working conditions must be a top priority. Having a social scientist on your team means you will have someone who understands the intricacies of what a work-life balance means to your employees and who will be able to ensure your employees' needs are being met while ensuring you are maximising productivity within your organisation.

To find out more information about the benefits for your sustainability commitment of hiring a social worker within your organisation, contact us today!

This article was originally published on the Strategic Sustainability Consultants website.

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