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How Politicians Benefit from Speaking about the Global Goals

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The Global Goals require political attention from representatives from all parties and at all levels of government. Achieving the Global Goals will not only benefit every individual across the country but around the entire world.

The benefits, however, do not just travel in one direction. There are also benefits for politicians who talk about the Global Goals and focus on their policy.


How many people read word-for-word what happens in Parliament each day? How many people stayed glued to Question Time throughout each sitting period? How many people could name the top five policies of their locally-elected representative? Very few voters are this actively-engaged in politics. People increasingly want their news on the go – bite-sized pieces of information which will quickly tell the majority of the story of what has happened. The Global Goals are ideal for this. Colourful, accompanied with pictures and conveyed in easy-to-understand language, the goals present a fantastic way for politicians to communicate their policies in a streamlined manner.

Engaging a Broader Voter Base

Not all politicians agree on all of the goals – but all politicians can agree on at least one of the goals. The same goes for voters. By demonstrating a commitment to one or more of the goals, politicians can engage new voters for the next election.

Reduced Need for Strategic Planning

Politicians are required to plan not only for their term but for years into the future. This is a lot of work for them and their teams. The Global Goals offer a wonderful opportunity for busy politicians and their teams as the goals are already all planned out – 17 goals with 169 targets and over 200 measurable indicators.

Streamlined Approach Across the Country

The next challenge facing politicians is ensuring we have a unified approach to economic, social and environmental sustainability across the country. If all politicians adopt the Global Goals, we will all be working towards the same objective across the nation.

The Global Goals Australia Campaign is committed to working with all politicians from all parties. If you are a politicians who wants to see how you can work with the campaign, contact us today to set-up a meeting!

This article was originally published on the Global Goals Australia Campaign website.

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