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Interconnectedness of the Goals: Goal 3 & Goal 6

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

One of the most exciting aspects of the Global Goals is their interconnectedness. Previously, the multiple areas of development have been treated rather separately within their own categories. Now, however, we have a way to explore how social, environmental and economic development are all related to one another. This year, we are exploring how each goal and their associated targets need to see the achievement of each other in order to be fulfilled as a whole.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 3 aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, and Goal 6 aims to provide clean water and adequate sanitation for all.

On average, humans can only survive three days without water. Water is essential to our good health and well-being. However, it is vital that this water is clean and being used for sanitation practices.

Target 3.1, Target 3.2 and Target 3.7 cover the topics of reproductive, maternal, natal, child and adolescent health. Ensuring pregnant women are free from water-borne diseases is essential to the survival of their baby. It is also important that we are ensuring good sanitation practices when delivering babies and during their first few days in the hospital. Sanitation is also incredibly important when it comes to sexual and reproductive health in order to minimise the spread of communicable diseases (Target 3.3).

Target 3.3 also addresses the epidemic of water-borne diseases, with an aim to eradicate such diseases by 2030. This is a fundamental part of Goal 6.

Target 3.9 looks into reducing the number of deaths and illnesses from pollution and contamination of many kinds, including water pollution and contamination.

Inadequate drinking water and inadequate access to sanitation are both global epidemics. Over 2.4 billion people around the world do not have access to adequate sanitation and over 650 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Many of these instances are in developing countries, but there are also instances of this in remote and rural areas of Australia.

To find out more about these two goals and their interrelatedness, you can read more by visiting #Goal3: #GoodHealth and #WellBeing and #Goal6: #CleanWater and #Sanitation.

This article was originally published on the Global Goals Australia Campaign website.

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