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Interconnectedness of the Goals: Goal 5 & Goal 7

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

One of the most exciting aspects of the Global Goals is their interconnectedness. Previously, the multiple areas of development have been treated rather separately within their own categories. Now, however, we have a way to explore how social, environmental and economic development are all related to one another. This year, we are exploring how each goal and their associated targets need to see the achievement of each other in order to be fulfilled as a whole.

Goal 5: Gender Equality and Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 5 aims to achieve gender equality, and Goal 7 aims to provide energy which is not only affordable and clean but also reliable to citizens all around the world.

The relationship between gender equality and clean energy is often the most difficult for people to identify. When working in schools, it is often the concept students struggle with the most.

These two goals relate most to one another in developing countries, not developed countries. In developing countries, it is mostly women who are charged with the duties of cooking. In developing countries, most cooking is conducted through the use of solid fuels in open fires within the home. This creates high levels of pollution within the house, causing significant health issues. As it is women involved in cooking, it is women who breathe in the pollutants.

This article is probably an ideal place to write about the need to increase the number of female workers in the renewable energy sector also. Internationally, 16% of board positions in the renewable energy sector are held by women. This is a huge progression since 2014, when the statistic sat at a mere 1%.

To find out more about these two goals and their interrelatedness, you can read more by visiting #Goal5: #GenderEquality and #Goal7: #AffordableEnergy and #CleanEnergy.

This article was originally published on the Global Goals Australia Campaign website.

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