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Meaningful Self-Care for Canberra Women

Two Canberra women are using their challenges with adversity to encourage other Canberra women to implement a meaningful self-care routine in 2020 for emotional well-being. A lunchtime workshop is being conducted by resilience advocate Kate Seselja and sustainability consultant Caterina Sullivan who has had a year-long battle with a tumour on her pituitary gland, They have joined forces to help others deal with adversity.

The lunch on Friday 13 December is being held at The Boat House and is a pre-purchased ticket only event, including a three-course lunch and beverages. The event allows time for connection, reflection and celebration of attendees’ achievements in 2019. Both Mrs Seselja and Ms Sullivan will provide techniques for attendees to use in the face of inevitable challenges in 2020.

Kate Seselja will be speaking about the emotional growth which emerged after her battle with a gambling addiction, her journey to restoration and how these learnings are transferrable across all landscapes. The teachings from Mrs Seselja’s real-life experience and personal journey have been reinforced through her training as an IGNTD Recovery Coach in the United States. She now helps people globally develop a constructive relationship with adversity.

Caterina Sullivan will be discussing how people can thrive in the midst of personal crises, such as health or relationship breakdowns, by connecting to ourselves on a deep level and prioritising meaningful self-care. Her journey with the challenges presented by the medical industry through misdiagnosis and conflicting diagnoses for what has been an emotionally and mentally debilitating condition has taught her insights which are important for women running their own businesses or are in executive roles within larger companies.

In a joint statement, the two women, who have become close friends during their personal journeys, have called for all women to prioritise their emotional and mental health. “It is sad to see that many women do not believe they deserve to tend to their personal well-being and are reluctant to invest the necessary time and money in their own development,” the co-presenters said.

Tickets for the lunch are available online through Eventbrite and Facebook as well as the Strategic Sustainability Consultants website. Partial proceeds of ticket sales will go to Canberra-based charity, Karinya House, a community-based organisation providing supported accommodation, transitional housing and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women and their families who are in crisis.


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