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Strategic Sustainability Consultants CEO Pitches New Business at Young Social Pioneer Event

Strategic Sustainability Consultants CEO Caterina Sullivan presented yesterday during an event run by the Foundation for Young Australians on a new business concept to make further progress towards corporate sustainability initiatives.

The event, held at the Malthouse Theatre, marked the culmination of the three-month Young Social Pioneer program of which Ms Sullivan was a participant.

“I was empowered to be in a room with young people from across Australia pitching these incredible ideas to create an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future,” Ms Sullivan explained. “There is such hope for the business sector to create real and lasting change with leaders like my fellow pioneers coming up through the ranks.”

Ms Sullivan pitched her concept for a new way to educate people on sustainability.

“The fact of the matter is that the knowledge is just not getting out like it needs to do, especially when it comes to corporate Australia and businesses internationally. We need an innovative way to address this issue, and I believe I have a great solution,” Ms Sullivan stated.

Over the coming months, Ms Sullivan will be further developing her concept and looking for ways to fund this new business.


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