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Strategic Sustainability Consultants CEO Runs Workshop with Young Canberra Leaders

Global Goals Australia CEO Caterina Sullivan presented a workshop today to the leadership group at a Caroline Chisholm High School in Canberra on what they can do to make an impact.

Ms Sullivan spoke about her career in sustainability including her time working in New York and London, the establishment of the Global Goals Australia Campaign and the launch of Strategic Sustainability Consultants.

“It was great to see the participants in the workshop start out unsure of their purpose or their values and after two hours, have a really solid foundation of what they wanted to contribute to their community,” Ms Sullivan explained.

Speaking about the importance of using the Global Goals as a tool to guide economic, social and environmental change, Ms Sullivan had the students participate in political debates with their fellow classmates.

“It is so important to see high school students engaging in political issues as they are our future voters. We cannot expect them to become experts overnight on their 18th birthday, so developing a strong foundation of political awareness and understanding in their earlier teen years is crucial,” Ms Sullivan stated.

Ms Sullivan is looking to engage with more schools in the future on similar issues.

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