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What are 7 Top Tips for an Effective Sustainability Campaign?

Sustainability campaigns not only drive engagement in your business but also create better in-house policies and procedures which could reduce costs and have positive long-term effects on your triple bottom line.

Here are seven tips to ensure your business runs an effective sustainability campaign.

1. Adopt sustainability as a core practice of your business

You will not be able to run a successful sustainability campaign if your heart is not really in it. Sustainability, as discussed in previous articles, cannot just be a side component of your business. Sustainability needs to be entrenched in every aspect of your business to ensure your sustainability campaign is for successful. If your business is not already committed to sustainability, your first sustainability campaign should be to adopt sustainability as a called value of how your business operates. This will allow your sustainability campaign to run smoothly and in-line with other operations within your business.

2. Make your campaign well-known

A successful campaign requires lots and lots of publicity. Your campaign needs to be promoted in all communications with customers, both in-store and in-person, through social media channels and on your website. The more publicity you get around your sustainability campaign, the more effect your sustainability campaign will have because it will be better-known, and you'll have better engagement with customers and other stakeholders. A campaign which is recognised by customers will also drive sales, which means that you will have more money to engage in more sustainability practices. This is a full circle effect.

3. Talk about impact

Remember not to just focus on the things you are doing in the name of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Make sure you're also focusing on the impact of these actions. It is really important to ensure that each action that we're taking towards a sustainable future is having a positive impact either on our economy, our society or our planet.Make sure you're also focusing on the impact of these actions. Talking about impact also means that your customers will see that you are not just committed to creating sustainable business but you are committed to creating sustainable world.

4. Use numbers

Don't be afraid to set goals and targets with in your sustainability campaign. These numbers will allow your customer base to engage in the process in a more meaningful way because your customers will be able to see the impact of your sustainability camping through these numbers. Using goals and targets also allows you to reflect on your campaign and see what worked and what didn't work, so next time you run a campaign in sustainability, you're able to make improvements and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

5. Form effective and meaningful partnerships

Forming partnerships and working with other organisations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, allows you to engage in a wider range of sustainability practices and also allows you to engage with a greater customer base, which in turn, increases the efficiency of your sustainability campaign. These partnerships must be formed with like-minded organisations with the same core values around economic, social and environmental sustainability as your own organisation. There is also potential for this partnership to continue past the point of the sustainability campaign and allow your organisation to do something really incredible in sustainability with the assistance and support of the other organisation.

6. Think outside of the box

It is essential for the sustainability of our economy, our society and the environment that we engage in business as unusual. The way we are currently doing business is not sustainable. Therefore, when creating your sustainability campaign, it is absolutely vital that you think outside of the box. With technology, we have the ability to do so many amazing and creative things. Ensure that you are harnessing that potential in the creation of your sustainability campaign.

7. Align to the Global Goals

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the concept of sustainability, use the Global Goals as a guiding document to assist in the planning of your sustainability campaign. The Global Goals outline 17 goals, 169 targets and 232 measurable indicators to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability by the year 2030. Within the 2030 Agenda, you will find some great ideas to align your sustainability campaign with these goals to adhere to international standards when it comes to sustainability in business.


If your business is ready to launch your sustainability campaign or if your business needs help in understanding where to go next in your sustainability campaign or even how to just get started, make sure you contact Strategic Sustainability Consultants today.

This article was originally published on the Strategic Sustainability Consultants website.

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