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Why Should a Cyber Security Action Plan be Part of Your Sustainability Commitment?

Cyber security is a growing industry of $2.2 billion dollars, projected to grow to $6.6 billion by 2026. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, we must also become increasingly reliant on adequate security for that technology.

A cyber security plan is an outline of the way in which a business protects cyber assets, such as personal information, patents, data storage, internal communications, Human Resources information, internet firewalls for buildings and corporate bank accounts and company accounts, among others. These assets are vulnerable to cyber attacks, also known as hacks, by cyber criminals.

This cyber security plan can be as simple as setting out requirements for passwords and email security or as comprehensive as increasing the level of encryption protocols for data storage.

Cyber security is an important part of sustainability. In the same way businesses have a responsibility to keep their customers physically safe (not damaging their health by polluting the environment or marketing a product on their vulnerability), businesses have a responsibility to keep their customers safe in the cyber realm as well.

Goal 16 of the Global Goals focuses on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. This includes a commitment to protecting people's safety. This must also extend to the population's cyber safety as we have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber hacks, scams and breaches of our personal information.

A cyber security plan for your business demonstrates to your stakeholders, including your clients, that you prioritise their cyber safety and are aware of your responsibility as a business to keep the personal information supplied to you safe. This includes the basics such as name, email address and date of birth or as sensitive information as credit card details or medical records.

Not only does strong cyber security protect your customers, it also protects your business. Proprietary information including patented information and company secrets can often be the backbone of your operations. With increased protection of these assets and a plan in case of an attack, your business has more chance of sustaining its operations in the long-term with a robust cyber security plan.

If you are interested in building a cyber security plan for your business as part of your sustainability plan, contact us today.

This article was originally published on the Strategic Sustainability Consultants website.

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