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Young Sustainability Professional Launches Business to Inspire Other Young Professionals

Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Sustainability Consultants, Caterina Sullivan, has today launched a leadership and mentoring business focused on working with young people to create a positive change in the world through entrepreneurship.

The new business, GNX Leaders, will work with young people in a fun and friendly environment to develop their understanding of their values, their ambitions and who they are as people.

“So many young people ask me how I have achieved all I have in just a few short years in the industry. If we can really harness the potential of these young people who are so passionate and eager to learn, we will really start to see a momentous shift in society and be able to create this sustainable future we all want to see,” Ms Sullivan explained.

GNX Leaders looks to develop an understanding of the self - isolated, in the context of others and in the context of the changing world - skills to operate in a team environment, effective communication tools, creative thinking skills, an understanding of principles around innovation and entrepreneurship and a list of other skills which can be applied to social entrepreneurship.

Ms Sullivan has worked across the globe to promote the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development. While her work is primarily based in Canberra, Ms Sullivan says she is looking to expand her work further to other parts of Australia and eventually work with young people internationally.

Ms Sullivan was recognised last year as a finalist for the ACT in the Young Australian of the Year Awards for her contribution to the country through the promotion of the Global Goals and her work with federal, state and local politicians. This week, she will be starting with the Foundation for Young Australians as a Young Social Pioneer for 2017.

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