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Caterina Sullivan - Sustainability Expert, Public Speaker, Business Consultant
Caterina Sullivan - Sustainability Expert, Public Speaker, Business Consultant

When I first created my website, it was all about Caterina Sullivan, the young businesswoman and changemaker.

But there is so much more to me than that!

I am obsessed with the colour pink, and my favourite animals are polar bears. I legit start getting asthma attacks from excitement when I see photos of polar bears. They are absolutely adorable.

The TV show character I relate to the most is Leslie Knope. She is my absolute hero. On the days where I'm lacking in motivation or feel like I have so much on my plate that I can't get anything done, I watch episodes of Parks and Recreation because I want to be just like Leslie. I just wish I was as good at gift-giving as her because I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to giving people gifts.

When it comes to TV, I'm also not-so-secretly addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race. I could rewatch episodes over and over and over AND OVER again. I love the design inspiration I get from it and all the good vibes of seeing incredibly talented people achieve their dreams.

I grew up in an Italian / Croatian household to parents who worked in the slow food industry, so I have a deep passion for cooking. I love to entertain friends at my house, which is decked out in pastels and lots of pink, by cooking for them. I show my love for people through food, and I always love trying new recipes.

If I had to pick my specialities when it comes to the kitchen, it would be homemade bread, grilled octopus, slow roasted shoulder of lamb, chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Sounds like an amazing meal, right!?

When it comes to going out to eat, I love fried chicken, possibly more than life itself. I also love burgers. So if you give me a fried chicken burger, chances are we will become friends for life.

I love going out dancing. I'm talking multiple times a month. At one point last year, I was going out dancing three times a week! All for the music. I absolutely love Afrobeats music and hold a special place in my heart for Soca music too. If you play me an Afrobeats song, don't be shocked when I know most of the lyrics. It is literally all I listen to. I even rock up to Parliament House with it blaring! Loud music is my thing. If I'm picking my friends up in my car, they will always know where I am from the vibrations coming out of my sound system.

In my spare time, I play guitar, violin and ukulele. I also play piano, but I don't own a piano anymore. That's at Mum and Dad's place, so I have to wait until I visit them to have a tinkle on the ivory.

I also love to knit, sew and make jewellery. I have some pretty unusual designs, and you can find wearing some of my original pieces, which are pretty loud and interesting! One of my favourite handmade pieces is a blazer, covered in cats wearing hats and jewellery and carrying handbags.

I spend a fair bit of time at the gym. Lifting weights is my release, and I have an insane training program which I designed myself. It has been compared to the work of a psychopath before because I literally record every set of weights I do! I also love boxing, swimming and hiking. The outdoors is totally where it's at!

I am a proud Canberran. I love exploring this city and everything it has to offer. The people close to me would describe me as weird and not as funny as I think I am. But I think my jokes are GOLDEN, and that's all that matters.

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