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I love meeting new people and finding ways I can support them in achieving their dreams and goals!

As an award-winning expert in sustainability with experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sector, I have the skills and tools to help you and / or your organisation when it comes to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

I encourage you to explore my website further, especially my blog and my videos as these contain fantastic information about sustainability, being a business owner, being a young professional, being a female professional and inciting change. There is something in there for everyone!

The one thing I love to do the most is to challenge myself. I have an overly optimistic can-do attitude and a love for learning. What is really important to me is that my clients understand me and what I bring to the table. Once we are on the same page there, anything is possible!

I have a few different areas of expertise which I have broken down below for you to see where I might be able to assist you and / or your organisation!

Caterina Sullivan - Sustainability Expert, Public Speaker, Business Consultant
Sustainability strategising
Sustainability consulting
Sustainability reporting
Sustainability marketing
Government submissions
Political lobbying
Political campaigning
Start-up consulting
Leadership development
Management consulting
Website design
Social media marketing
Graphic design
Public speaking
Workshop design
Media appearances
Blog and article writing
Business skills training
Financial literacy
Fashion design
Knitting lessons

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