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New York | 18 - 24 September

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

What a big week at UNGA! I spent most of my time on-site at the United Nations, listening to all the latest developments on the Global Goals from around the world.

Check out some of the inspiring announcements and commitments below!


Claudia Gonzalez Eldeman launched a podcast dedicated to the Global Goals and to be distributed by CBS.

Public Sector

Germany committed to doubling its climate finance by 2020.

Private Sector

The GSMA released its latest report on the mobile industry's impact on the Global Goals. During the General Assembly, the GSMA also released its Disaster Response Innovation Fund to respond to natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. To score a hattrick, the GSMA also announced their Case for Change Campaign. A big week for the GSMA!

It was great to listen to and meet with Kevin Butt, Chief Environment Officer of Toyota, as he spoke about Toyota's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 2050. You can see a full infographic of their commitment (very reader friendly - 10/10 there, Toyota) on their website.

I also had the opportunity to hear Australia's own Terry Savage of Cannes Lions announce they will be hosting an SDG category at the Cannes Lions Festival next year!

Pokemon announced the release of a new Global Goals avatar shirt in the Pokemon Go game, which reaches 65 million monthly active users.

Blockchain for Change also spoke publicly for the first time about their project to use blockchain technologies to achieve social change.


Connect4Climate announced the launch of their Uniting4Climate campaign leading up to COP23.

I was able to meet many of the speakers and tell them about my work with Global Goals Australia as well as with Strategic Sustainability Consultants.

Other Events

I also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Global Goals World Cup on Tuesday evening. 24 teams played to raise awareness for the goals by activating the crowd and encouraging others to join them in taking action towards the goals prior to the Cup.

I had so much fun watching the games and meeting some inspiring people who are working towards the achievement of the Global Goals.

I have managed to connect with so many other amazing people through social events during my time in the city. UNGA is always a fantastic opportunity for me to take stock of my work - where I stand personally and within my businesses - and come up with new and exciting ways in which to achieve the Global Goals.

I look forward to the excitement that UNGA will bring next year!



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